ASUS 0KN0-PE1CB11 New Keyboard Canadian V143330AK1-EF V143362AK1-EF

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ASUS New Keyboard English/French Canadian Bilingual No Cover A550C A550CA A550CC A550D A550DP A550J A550JD A550JK A550JX A550L A550LA A550LB A550LC A550LD A550LDV A550LN A550V A550VB A550VC A550Z A550ZA A550ZE A552E A552EA A552M A552MD A552W A552WA A552WE D551E D551EA D551L D551LB D552C D552CL D552E D552EA D552EP D552L D552LD D552M D552MD D552V D552VL D552W D552WA D552WE DX991C DX991CL DX992M DX992MD E550C E550CA E550CC E550L E550LD F520J F520JD F520M F520MD F550C F550CA F550CC F550D F550DP F550E F550EA F550J F550JD F550JK F550L F550LA F550LAV F550LB F550LC F550LD F550LN F550V F550VB F550VC F550W F550WA F550WE F550Z F550ZA F550ZE F552C F552CL F552E F552EA F552EP F552L F552LAV F552LD F552M F552MD F552MJ F552V F552VL F552W F552WA F552WE F750J F750L FL5000C FL5000CC FX50J FX50JK FX50JX FX550J FX550JD K550C K550CA K550CC K550D K550DP K550J K550JD K550JK K550JX K550L K550LA K550LB K550LC K550LD K550LN K550V K550VB K550VC K550Z K550ZA K550ZE K552E K552EA K552M K552MD K552W K552WA K552WE P550C P550CA P550CC P550L P550LA P550LAV P550LC P550LD P552E P552EP Pro550C Pro550CA Pro550CC Pro550L Pro550LD R505J R505JD R510C R510CA R510CC R510D R510DP R510E R510EA R510J R510JD R510JK R510L R510LA R510LB R510LC R510LD R510LN R510V R510VB R510VC R510W R510WA R510Z R510ZA R510ZE R513C R513CL R513E R513EA R513EP R513L R513LD R513M R513MD R513MJ R513V R513VL R513W R513WA R513WE R751J R751L X550 X550C X550CA X550CC X550CL X550D X550DP X550E X550EA X550IK X550J X550JD X550JF X550JK X550JX X550L X550LA X550LAV X550LB X550LC X550LD X550LDV X550LN X550MD X550MJ X550V X550VB X550VC X550VL X550W X550WA X550WE X550Z X550ZA X552C X552CA X552CL X552E X552EA X552EP X552L X552LA X552LAV X552LD X552LDV X552MD X552MJ X552V X552VL X552W X552WA X552WE X750J X750L LX550DP K750J K750L Y581C Y581CC Y581J Y581JD Y581JK Y581L Y581LA Y581LB Y581LC Y581LD Y582C Y582CL Y582L Y582LD Y582M Y582MD Y582W Y582WA Y582WE VM580DP VM580L W508J W508JK W508L W508LD W508M W508MD W50J W50JK W50JX W518J W518JD W518JK W518L W518LD W518M W518MD 0KNB0-6111CB00 V143330AK1-EF V143362AK1-EF 0KN0-PE1CB11

***** IMPORTANT NOTE *****: This keyboard is normally included with the top cover and small securing plastic tabs will need to be easily broken to remove your old one in order to apply this one.  Any type of household adhesive will work but we recommend a heavy duty one like Crazy glue or Gorilla glue.

Notebook Laptop Computer Spare Replacement Service Parts


There are multiple different ones available for this model series. Please ensure that the one you are ordering physically matches the one you are replacing. We are not responsible if you order the incorrect one.

We have provided sufficient close up photos in helping to determine the correct one for you.  If our products look somewhat different from yours but you think it will work, use the part numbers found on the stickers of your old part to search our site.  If the part number from yours is found in the description of our part and the close up photos match then our part will work for you.

If you are still uncertain please contact us and we will help you within 24 business hours.

Return policy (for ordering incorrect part):

If you are reading this after ordering an incorrect part from us you may return for the part cost refund no worries.  The part must be in the same condition as sent.  It must also contain our internal UV marking that we mark all of our parts with.

If you are within Canada, and you still have the original packaging, you can use the "RTS" (return to sender) option to save the cost of return where you cross out your address and write “RTS” beside it.  If you do not have our original packaging you will need to purchase a $1.90 postage stamp to return it with.

Please notify us before returning any items.

All returns are refunded within 48 business hours of receipt after a quick check over by our technician.