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ASUS 0KN0-TD1US1 Keyboard US BL GL702 GL702VM GL702VS GL702VT GL702ZC

ASUS 0KN0-TD1US1 Keyboard US BL GL702 GL702VM GL702VS GL702VT GL702ZC

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Brand: ASUS
Condition: New
Description: Keyboard US English No Cover/Frame
Compatible PNs: 0KN0-TD1US11 V156262AS1US 9Z.N8SBU.C01 9Z.N8SB.C1D
Compatible Models: ROG Strix FX502V FX502VD FX502VE FX502VM GL502 GL502V GL502VM GL502VS GL502VT GL502VY GL702 GL702VM GL702VS GL702VT GL702ZC Gaming
Classification: Laptop Notebook Computer Replacement Service Spare Parts

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: This keyboard is normally included with the top cover/frame complete at a much higher price.  Small securing plastic tabs will need to be easily broken to remove your old one in order to apply this one.  There are 2 ways to resecure the new keyboard to the old cover; 1) Remelt the plastic tabs (the better result), or 2) Any type of household adhesive will work but we recommend a heavy duty one like Crazy glue or Gorilla glue slightly applied not to intrude into the keyboard exposed surface itself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are multiple different ones available for this model series. Please ensure that the one you are ordering physically matches the one you are replacing. We are not responsible if you order the incorrect one. If you are still uncertain please contact us and we will help you within 24 business hours.

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